Your Promised Land Awaits


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The story of Exodus is not just that of Israel’s journey out of slavery in Egypt and into the Promised Land of Canaan; it can also be your story of deliverance out of the mediocrity and pain of your past and into the promise and victory that God has for your future.

Bryan Cutshall brings this Old Testament story to life and applies it to the modern-day life of every Christian. Experience the journey of the Israelites and you will…

Learn from the painful lessons of past mistakes

Overcome fear and mediocrity

Understand how stress affects your spiritual life

Get rid of doubt and bitterness

Defeat the spirits of greed, criticism, and intimidation

Become the landlord of your life

Feast on the sustenance of God


Begin your journey into the miraculous life of power God has planned for you. Your Promised Land Awaits!

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