Season of Acceleration – DVD


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This teaching shows how God instructed Moses to make the menorah for the temple from the model of an almond branch. God instructed him to add blooms and buds in certain places and to put the almond fruit on the top of the menorah branch. You will learn how the tabernacle menorah was a calendar of the 7000 years God gave mankind on the earth. Bryan Cutshall will teach you how to read this calendar, revealing that we have just entered the last season of the last branch, a season he refers to as the ‘season of acceleration.’ It is during this time that the seven spirits of God, taught four times in the book of Revelation, will be released to finish the work of the church on the earth. Before the grand finale, things will accelerate quickly. The church is about to move into fast forward mode to finish the work of Christ on the earth!

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